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composite bonding

Composite Bonding is a dental technique used to improve the appearance of teeth. It is a widely available technique for correcting many aesthetic problems from color to shape of teeth.

The Solution:

Composite bonding refers to any composite material that is bonded to an existing tooth. It is a white, tooth colored material that can be shade matched to your teeth.

The bonding material is applied to your tooth and sculpted to an ideal shape to cover or replace the problem area. Then it is polished for an ideal smile.


Dental Hygiene & Teeth whitening

We can help you whiten your smile and get your teeth to perfect health. Poor oral health can lead to a number of health problems.  We can do a thorough clean, scale and polish of your teeth and provide you with the information to keep your teeth healthy at home. 

If you are looking for a brighter smile you may want to book an appointment to have your teeth whitened.  Your dentist will advise you if your gums and teeth are healthy enough to go through the process.